Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Prayer 3.29.10

Lord, everything that is good comes from You
The more I understand this, the more I want to be closer to You
For it is Your goodness that draws us to repentance
It is Your goodness that causes us to want to turn away from
the things of this world and turn to You

In the same way, it is Your goodness that leads us to consecrate our lives for You
It is your goodness that draws us away from our selfish desires and into Your arms
For in Your goodness You comfort the brokenhearted
In Your goodness You release the captives
In Your goodness You set free the prisoners

God, my desire is to walk where You want me to walk,
to possess what You want me to possess
I want only what You want for my life
I realize the sacrifice that this takes
I have to put to death all of my selfish ambitions
I have to live for the cause of the Kingdom
For this is where our true blessings lie

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