Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Prayer 3.8.10

We worship You, Lord
With everything that is within us,
we give You praise
Our souls cry out to You
We long to be near You

The very depths of our beings
search to connect with the deepest parts of You
And it is there that we find all that is good
It is there that we find peace
It is there that we find joy
It is there that we find hope
It is there that we find our strength

For You alone are our refuge
We find comfort in resting in Your presence
We run to You and You transform us
For You restore our souls
and You renew our minds
You equip us for the battles
that lay ahead of us
You clothe us with power from on high

The hope of knowing you more
overwhelms us
Your joy consumes our thoughts
and gives us strength
Your love infiltrates our bodies
and flows through our veins

We desire to hear Your voice
We are captivated by Your touch
Draw us closer to You all the
days of our lives

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